Friday, May 11, 2012

As the end of my second semester in grad school draws near, I'm getting ready to pack up and head out for a summer full of traveling, climbing, and days spent far away from the bustle of city living. I'll be spending three and a half weeks in France climbing in the Verdon and Ceuse, then heading to Wyoming to climb at Ten Sleep and Wild Iris for July. I'm thinking that I'll spend August up in Rocky Mountain National Park, maybe climbing the Diamond for my first time.

The formidable yet alluring Diamond
But before bidding California goodbye,  I've had to sample at least a little bit of what the Bay Area has to offer in terms of outdoor climbing. At this point, I've climbed at Donner Summit, Yosemite, Jailhouse, Sonora, and Mickey's Beach.

Bouldering in Sonora... right before my friend fell off of a highball problem and broke his ankle.
 I spent a day climbing at Stinson Beach recently, and although there's only a handful of routes (all of which are kind of terrifying on crumbling schist that's been weathered by the ocean air), it's such a delight to climb right next to the beach, and the scenery at sunset is resplendent.

Me climbing on the Egg. Anthony Lapomardo photo.

I'll be posting soon with photos from France and also some of my work from the last two semesters. Enjoy!


  1. Wow this is such an amazing blog! Thanks so muchfor letting me stop by! I would love to follow your adventures on here.