Friday, February 10, 2012

I was recently asked by Conscious Alliance to donate a piece of art to their cause. 

Conscious Alliance  is a Boulder, Colorado based national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to the distribution of much-needed food to impoverished communities across the United States. Operating through ongoing, grassroots food collection and hunger awareness programs throughout the U.S.—mostly by organizing food drives at concerts and music events—donations to Conscious Alliance benefit America’s local food pantries and economically isolated Native American reservations. 

I donated a painting called "Convergence" for them to use as a concert poster for Lotus at the Fillmore in Denver, Colorado. With sales of the poster, they raised enough for over 700 meals for people in need. 

As an artist, sometimes it's hard to feel like the work you're doing is benefiting anybody. While I truly believe in the value of art and of artists, it's really wonderful to see a direct benefit from a piece of art I created. I was honored and thankful to be asked to be involved. 

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  1. I enjoy seeing that there are novel ways in which artists can provide direct assistance to the communities in which they are a part of. What a great project!