Friday, June 15, 2012

Last summer, between climbing in Wyoming and driving west to move to California, I spent over a month in Canada visiting a few of the country's best crags. We visited Squamish, Horne Lake, Planet X, Acephale, Lake Loiuse- all the while being followed by Arc'teryx photographer Scott Milton. Scott used the footage to make several short videos of Jonathan, the first two of which have been released so far. The one below chronicles part of our time in Canada, with lots of footage of Jonathan climbing (and me being a devoted belay slave). The best part is when he falls and kicks me in the head- you can't really tell in the video, but let me assure you, it happened.

See the other video here. 

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  1. Ah no! You can definitely tell he tagged you in the head. You look strong in your sports bra shots :)