Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Today I feel a familiar feeling of tremendous gratitude towards the many people (some who I know, some who I do not) who have generously taken the time to share my work with others. In this particular instance, I have Sunset SF to thank for spotlighting me on their Facebook page. Visit the link here or read their wonderfully kind words below!

Today Sunset Shines On Marisa Aragón Ware

Marisa is a professional illustrator whose artwork has been commissioned for album covers of your favorite artists like The Polish Ambassador and Ayla Nereo. We love her work because she's amazingly good at translating the enchanting forests and glades of the Rocky Mountains into unique and unforgettable pieces. Her illustrations really convey how her childhood in Colorado has transformed into deep appreciation of nature.

We want to shine a light on Marisa's beautiful work because her depictions of natural world are what help others connect with its abundant primordial magic. We know you can appreciate her captivating illustrations as much as we can. Just to add another layer to the legend, she also studied journalism in college and has since written for a wide array of publications such as Juxtapoz Magazine and Hi-Fructose Magazine.

Keep up the good work, girl! You always blow us away!

Somewhere on the North Coast...
Another reason I feel gratitude today: the effusive beauty of this place called Earth. I'm feeling so blessed right now to be living in Trinidad, CA for the summer, right between the majestic Redwoods and the mighty Pacific. (All photos by my intrepid and inspiring friend Jason Bowman). 

Sea and sky. 
 After a long year in the city, the slow pace of a tiny town feels utterly refreshing and nourishing. I'm living at the end of a dirt road overlooking the ocean, surrounded by tall trees draped in lichen that pepper the ground with pinecones almost as big as my head. In the middle of the night, I hear bobcat cries- in the morning, I awake to mist and fog. 

Mist and sunlight. 
The view from my backyard.
I've seen seals bobbing in the waves near deserted beaches, and turkey vultures cutting through cloudless skies on silent wings. I've fallen deeply in love with the primordial power of this place- the frogs hiding under damp leaves beside the trails- the white and blue swallows that swoop down fast and then disappear- the commanding presence of the water with it's rhythmic beauty and shimmering waves- and of course, the ancient Redwoods that stand still and stretch towards the light for centuries on end. 

The air smells sweet like sunshine. 
I'm so inspired by this place and cannot wait to start integrating the beauty my eyes and body have absorbed into my art. It really is my aim to depict the power and splendor that I witness in the natural world, and in this way, hopefully I can share the joy, freedom, and meaningfulness that I stand witness to. 

Though they are indeed beautiful, elk are very dangerous! I learned this firsthand upon startling an elk in a thicket and getting charged and then chased by an angry, territorial 700 lb female. One of the scariest experiences of my life!
The beauty of this world is beyond fathoming to me, and it's impermanence makes it utterly precious. May we all remember how lucky we are to be alive and may that remembrance inspire us to kindness towards each other and the other beings we share this Earth with. 

Thank you all for the continued support- I hope you find some time to get out in the sunshine and play! Hooray summer!!

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