Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Today I had the opportunity to do live art for the first time at Morning Gloryville in San Franscisco. It was a really great experience and I'm excited to do it again next month! As an artist, I end up spending so much time alone in my studio, drawing in solitude. While I love being immersed in my own mind and imagination, it was a really refreshing change to be creating in the midst of a packed dance floor, my easel shaking from the bass of DJ Rachel Torro's beats. 

In other news, here are the last few days of Inktober drawings!

In progress! 
"We do not do this easily. We have lived so long in the heaven of touch, and we maintain our mutability, our physicality, even as we begin to apprehend the other world. Slowly we make our appreciative response. Slowly appreciation swells to astonishment. And we enter the dialogue of our lives that is beyond all understanding or conclusion. It is mystery. It is love of God. It is obedience."

-Mary Oliver

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