Sunday, April 4, 2010

A few scenes from the Heraclitus-

There's all sorts of odd characters...

Synesthesia, the main gathering room...

the command room...

and the 1,000 volume library, Captain Nemo's, where you can find books on every topic from entheogens, to Sufism, to Lord of the Rings:

Well, my friends, I have some news- my plans have changed unexpectedly.
The Heraclitus, being an older vessel, requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. It's become clear that before crossing the Atlantic it will be necessary to repaint the ship. This will require dry-docking the boat and a five week delay in departure from the Dominican Republic. While I was very committed to doing the North Atlantic crossing, I decided that staying in this small coastal town for five weeks and painting the boat wasn't inline with my desire for adventure, new places, and new experiences. So, in a last minute decision, I bought a ticket to Guatemala to join my crew member Avalon volunteering at an eco-village next to Lago de Atitlán. I will be working with their medicinal plant program, helping to establish the garden and nursery as well as facilitating plant exchange with local women. I'm hoping that this means I'll get to learn a lot of plant medicine from the Mayan descendants of the area.
Although leaving the boat and abandoning my Atlantic plans was a disappointment, in an odd way, I believe that this new adventure is more contiguous with my true interests and purpose. In recent years, I've felt very called to study plant medicine and learn about permaculture, sustainable agriculture, and botany. Being granted an opportunity to do this makes me feel extremely blessed. I'm a little awed by the mysterious ways of the universe, and how it seems to continuously present me with challenging experiences to keep me on my true path. I'm going to continue sharing photos and stories as this new leg of my journey unfolds. Sending love and appreciation to all of you wonderful people in my life.

Goodbye Heraclitus... thank you for showing me the sea!

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  1. Painting sucks! Sounds like a happy accident, what an opportunity! Please keep the updates coming!