Sunday, April 25, 2010

"I don't Believe or Disbelieve- I choose the third door called "Wonder." I wonder what awaits us all in this most amazing Universe, what it all means and where we are all going- yet I have no answers...

... I pray and meditate to the Mystery and I have my own hopes and dreams that aren't in a little black or red book. If such a thing as God exists I am petty sure this is the way She meant it to be...

...On the way though life I like to place little things in that dark empty void that each of us are born with. I place a little love and kindness and joy and humor and courage along with all the other things that creep in. I feel that's how we build our soul and our spirit in this life."
-contemporary artist Ray Ceasar


  1. booooo. I hate having to actually take photos now that you´re not here to take beautiful ones. Today I swam through a dark cave holding a little candle in one hand, trying to evade the dripping wax while also not drowning. I am still alive!!!!

  2. Ah! Incredible imagery. Thanks for sharing. Ah!